Who We Are

The 300 Committee is a private, non-profit land trust working to preserve and protect natural lands in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Our organization was formed in 1985, with the goal of saving 300 acres to celebrate the town’s 300th anniversary the following year. Community support for open space came out loud and clear when Town Meeting members, and voters, overwhelmingly approved the first omnibus land purchase of 401 acres. Since then, more than 1,200 members have joined our mission.

In our 30-year history, The 300 Committee has collaborated with the town to preserve more than 2,300 acres of open space. In 1998 the town adopted the goal of preserving 25% of all land in Falmouth as protected open space for conservation, recreation and water protection. This became a cornerstone of Falmouth’s Local Comprehensive Plan. Committed to the belief that open space is critical to the town's sustainability, in 2008 the Falmouth Planning Board recommended increasing that preservation goal to 30%.

Now more than ever, the town and The 300 Committee have to be very strategic in targeting land for preservation. Water protection and linkage with other conservation parcels are priorities for The 300 Committee. A key goal adopted by the land trust and included in the town's latest Open Space Plan is the creation of a Coonamessett River pathway. Using the same strategy of piecing together, parcel by parcel, the 10-mile Moraine Trail that extends from Route 151 south past Long Pond, The 300 Committee hopes to establish a greenway in East Falmouth, from Coonamessett Pond along the winding Coonamessett River to Great Pond.

We have continued to build our stewardship program so that we now hold, and are responsible for, 27 conservation restrictions that protect more than 500 acres on town land and private property. The Stewardship Committee includes 14 monitors and more than 60 stewards who have "adopted" parcels. Several dozen other volunteers join work projects to clear trails and pick up debris. In all they help us maintain close to 2,000 acres of open space throughout Falmouth.