Post-Thanksgiving Stuffing Stroll

Walk at Mock Moraine Trails, West Falmouth (west of 28, east of 28A)
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Saturday, November 25, 10 AM to noon

Come for a walk in Beebe Woods and burn off some of those extra calories while enjoying the beauty of Falmouth’s public land. The walk will be led by Outreach Volunteer Cathy Kligler. Strollers of all ages are invited and should expect a moderate pace, with some hills and some uneven footing as the group makes its way to the Punch Bowl and back.

As with all walks in Falmouth, strollers should wear appropriate clothing and footwear, be on the lookout for poison ivy, carry drinking water with them and check themselves thoroughly for ticks after the walk.

Parking at the main entrance to Beebe Woods, next to the Cape Cod Conservatory: up Depot Ave., across the bike path and up the hill past Highfield Hall.