Fall Programs with Mike Tucker

Join T3C and nature enthusiast/bird photographer Mike Tucker for these exciting educational activities: (pre-registration NOT required)

Live (in person) Talk: Hawk ID Workshop
Thursday, September 29, 7 PM
Gus Canty Community Center
(Room 1, Upstairs)
790 Main Street, Falmouth
Hawk migration is just getting underway. Join T3C and bird enthusiast/photographer Mike Tucker for a presentation aimed at helping you identify the many hawk species we find this time of year. With an emphasis on hawks in flight, Mike will talk about both physical and behavioral characteristics of identification: shape, proportions, wing posture, flapping and more. Seeing a hawk swooping quickly by you doesn't need to be chalked up as "just some sort of hawk" anymore.
Since this is our first in-person talk in a long time, kindly call (508-540-0876) or email (saveland@300committee.org) if you plan to attend. We'd like to have an idea of attendance ahead of time...thank you!
Bird Walk: Fall Birding at Crane
Monday, October 3, 8-10:00 AM
Frances A. Crane Wildlife Management Area (eastern area)
The state-managed Crane WMA offers unique habitat and special opportunities to spot exciting fall migrants. This birding adventure will explore the grasslands and forest edge in the hope of seeing one or two rare species along with some annual regulars.

Directions: Park and meet in the large unpaved parking area at the end of the dirt road off the north side of Route 151, between Hamilton Tree and Allietta ball field (Crane eastern area).

Bird Walk: Fall Birding at Breivogel Ponds and Town Composting Facility
Sunday, October 23, 8-10:00 AM
It's a great time of year to find lingering warblers, sparrows and other migrants passing through or arriving for the winter. October and these two adjoining properties (with a wide range of habitats) are known for their share of fall rarities; it will be fun to see what might turn up!
Directions: Park & meet at the Breivogel parking area, just outside the Falmouth Yard Waste & Composting Facility at 565 Blacksmith Shop Road (on the east side of Blacksmith Shop, about 1 mile north of Falmouth High School).
Questions? Contact Mike Tucker, 401-481-7004