Wednesday Walks, late May into June

Run the Falmouth Road Race and support T3C at the same time!
May Bird & Nature Walks
10 to Noon, Wednesdays, May 22 & June 5 

Join walk leaders Molly Cornell, Alex Lancaster and Marcy Klattenberg as they explore conservation lands in East Falmouth and Waquoit.
Wednesday, May 22 
Falmouth Rod & Gun Club
The Club owns 186 acres of land in Falmouth and Mashpee, plus the 12-acre Farley bog parcel that was transferred to them last year from the Town of Falmouth. They have also signed a 30-year lease with the town of Mashpee for the abandoned Garner Bogs to allow them to rehabilitate the upper Childs River. The bulk of the land the Club owns is in a conservation easement so that this this pine-oak woodland with fruit trees and fields remains as open space in perpetuity.
We will walk several paths/dirt roads (mostly flat, but lumpy), and we will pass the monarch meadows that have been created herewith the help of the Friends of the Mashpee Wildlife Refuge. There is a lot of interesting habitat and history to learn about on this walk!
Note: Parking is not at the main entrance to the Rod and Gun Club. Instead, drive onto the dirt road that is a short distance to the east of the entrance (next to the water and on the north side of Carriage Shop Rd. Park in the area near the kiosk. See directions that follow.)
Directions: From Route 28 in Waquoit, turn onto Parsons Lane which is next to the Waquoit Congregational Church. At the end of Parsons Lane, turn left to head west on Carriage Shop Rd. Go just over ¼ mile and turn right onto the dirt road that leads to the parking lot with a kiosk. The road will be marked with a temporary T3C sign. (If you proceed too far on Carriage Shop Road, you will cross the river….water on both sides of the road. Find a safe place to turn around and come back to the small dirt road.
Wednesday, June 5
Margaret Doutt Preserve
Join T3C’s walk leaders on a stroll through the Margaret Doutt Moonakis River Preserve, a lovely area as we approach summer. There will be lots of green, spring/summer birds flitting about and likely ducks, geese and swans on the Moonakis River. Be on the lookout for blueberries and lady’s slippers! This varied landscape includes old bog roads, paths on the surface of the old bogs and on the bits of surrounding upland. Walkers should be prepared to jump across small bog ditches and for damp footing. Children are welcome, but no dogs, please.
Directions: From Route 28 (heading toward Mashpee), pass the blinking yellow light in Waquoit and turn right onto Moonakis Road. Pull off the road to park near the boulder and dirt lane into the preserve.
Moonakis/Quashnet River Area…POSTPONED UNTIL FALL…Stay Tuned!
Martin Road entrance
Join us for a fine walk along the river, called the Moonakis at the southern end and the Quashnet farther north. Abandoned sluiceways on the river corridor indicate a past history of mills and, more recently, cranberry cultivation. Starting from the trailhead on Martin Road, the group will follow a new trail into the woods on the west side of the river. After heading north, hikers will cross the river and complete the loop on the river’s east side.
Directions: Meet at the trailhead near the east end of Martin Road, in East Falmouth. Martin Road is a short loop road on the north side of Route 28 in Waquoit, just opposite Red Brook Road (almost to the Mashpee town line).