“Who’s Watching You? Owls of the World” Live Owl Program

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Two shows: 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm
Gus Canty Community Center
790 Main Street, Falmouth
Admission: $5/adult, $3/child
Children must be accompanied by an adult
Everyone loves owls! But how many of us have ever seen a live owl up close?
Perhaps you’ve glimpsed the shadowy form of a Great Horned Owl in the headlights as you’ve traveled a back road at night. Ever scanned a frozen salt marsh or meadow in winter, hoping to find that Arctic hunter, the Snowy Owl? How about a mob of noisy crows circling a white pine tree – have they found an owl?
Join naturalist Marcia Wilson and photographer Mark Wilson in sharing their passion for owls! “Who’s Watching You? Owls of the World” will introduce you to the owls of New England and beyond. Some owls such as Great Horned, Barred and Eastern Screech Owls are more common than you may think. Boreal owls and Great Gray owls are a rare find here, yet are found on other continents, too. Others like Snowy Owls, Eurasian eagle owls and familiar Barn Owls feature in popular movies and nature programs. Mark and Marcia will share the field marks, signs and naturalist’s skills that you can use to find wild owls without disturbing them, while introducing you to six live owls up close. Everyone is treated to a hooting lesson, as well as tips on how to attract and protect owls near you.