Video Gallery

Short, informative videos on kids in nature, restoration projects, past virtual events, and more.

This video introduces you to some of the accessible spots in Falmouth to enjoy the outdoors. We hope to see you out there.

Fun and Inspirational Shorts

A 35th Anniversary tribute to The 300 Committee Land Trust for their 2020 Annual Meeting

A photo and video montage of the places and people that have made this organization special over its 35 year history. (00:02:35)

Nature: What’s in it for kids?


The 300 Committee Honors Vicky Lowell

As co-founder and long-time Board member of The 300 Committee, Planning Board member during a period of intense development, Vicky’s vision and commitment to open space leaves a lasting legacy for the Town of Falmouth. (00:02:21)

Zoom Bird Talks by Mike Tucker, Birder and Photographer Extraordinaire

Photographing Birds


Love Birds: The Strange and Often Humorous Relationships of our Feathered Friends


Winter Birding


Raptors of Cape Cod


The Fascinating World of Shorebirds


Songbird Identification Workshop


Owls of New England


Birds of Upper Cape Cod


Other Zoom Talks

How to Love Your Ponds

Kristin Andres, Association to Preserve Cape Cod, describes some of the threats to our beloved freshwater kettle ponds and what you can do to help.

Nature's Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation that Starts in your Yard

with author Doug Tallamy, in partnership with the Association to Preserve Cape Cod. (01:38:25)

Natural History of the Fisher

Jason Zimmer, MassWildlife (00:53:28)

Meet the Old Ladies Against Underwater Garbage

A Zoom dialogue with OLAUG members, an extraordinary group of women 64+ year-old who swim to pick up trash from ponds, describing what they do and why they do it. (00:53:35)

Surprising Things Plant Roots Do

Zoe Cardon, Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole talks about plant roots and soil microbes, and their role and importance in pretty much everything that happens on earth. (01:07:16)

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

Ian Ives, Mass Audubon, discusses population trends of various wildlife species and how that intersects with humans.  (01:13:23)

History of Women Walking

A collaboration with the Woods Hole Public Library, by author Dr. Kerri Andrews (01:01:12)

Short Informational Videos About T3C and Related Projects

Coonamessett River Restoration: Looking Forward to Phase 1

The Coonamessett River in E. Falmouth, MA was once a major herring run. But years of industrial use, first by mills and then cranberry farming, vastly reduced the number of fish that could make the passage. This video describes the history, and Phase I of the restoration of this river to its more natural state.

Restoring the Coonamessett River: Results of Phase 1

Hundreds of years of industrialization for mills and cranberry farming severely impacted the wetland habitat and the historic herring run. Restoring the river to a more natural state has already had a huge positive impact. (00:6:40)

Wildlands and Woodlands: Community-Scale Forests in the Fight Against Climate Change

Dr. David Foster and Dr. Zoe Cardon describe the importance of land conservation at the scale The 300 Committee does in reducing the impacts of Climate Change. (00:04:36)

A tour of Breivogel Conservation area with Carl Breivogel, former owner

This almost-70 acre parcel in Falmouth, MA was operated as a sand and gravel pit by Carl's father. When Carl took it over, he used it to grow beach grass to sell for erosion control and other uses. He also put in place a restoration plan and endowment for the property, which he sold to the town and now contains several rare habitats as well as lovely hiking trails. Listen to Carl tell the story of the land and his thoughtful approach to managing it. (00:36:00)

Banding Kestrel Chicks at the Coonamessett Reservation, Falmouth, MA

Learn about this exciting project from State ornithologist Dr. Andrew Vitz (and see some cute kestrel chicks!) (00:04:16)

MBL Falmouth Forum

Wildlands and Woodlands: A Vision for Sustaining Forested and Natural Landscapes