Guided Hikes

Guided Hikes

“Restore balance. Most kids have technology, school, and extracurricular activities covered. It’s time to add a pinch of adventure, a sprinkle of sunshine , and a big handful of outdoor play.”

Penny Whitehouse.

T3C Supports Outdoor Learning

Are you a teacher wanting to take your class outside on a walking field trip? Or are you a parent looking for active outdoor fun for your family? Not sure where to go or what to do one you get there? We've got you covered!

Together with Falmouth Rotary Club's Outdoor Learning Committee, T3C's Outreach Committee created 4 short videos in which local students introduce schoolchildren, teachers and families to the conservation areas closest to Falmouth's elementary schools: Shivericks Pond Pathway, adjacent to the Mullen-Hall School; Teaticket Park, at the back corner of Teaticket Elementary; the Donald Whelden Preserve, a short walk from East Falmouth Elementary; and the Florence Sylvia Woodland, down the street from the North Falmouth School.

Our young guides show you the way to go and highlight special features to look for while you're there. We want everyone to feel accessing nature in these special places and to hopefully learn something along the way.

Join our student guides to learn more about properties near Falmouth's Elementary Schools.

Welcome to Shivericks Pond Pathway


Taking a walk around Shivericks Pond 

Purchased by The 300 Committee in 2015, The Shivericks Pond Pathway ensures access from the school to Falmouth's town center. In 2021, T3C donated the parcel to the Town. Public works improvements, which include new sidewalks and a fishing platform, are part of a multi-year project that will make Shivericks Pond more of an aesthetic and accessible asset for Falmouth residents and visitors.


Join hosts Tilu and Evelyn as they lead a walk around the pond. 

A Guided Tour of Shiverick's Pond Pathway


Welcome to Teaticket Park


Taking a walk around Teaticket Park

This nearly 11-acre parcel of land was purchased by The 300 Committee in 2011. In the heart of Teaticket Village, the town's most heavily developed and traveled commercial corridor, it is now a permanently protected, natural open space community park. This park has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate accessible walking paths, informational panels, picnic areas, and a pollinator meadow, all in hopes of providing a welcoming conservation area for the neighboring elementary school and the greater community alike.


Join hosts Evelyn and Tilu for an introduction to the park and its special features. 

A Guided Tour of Teaticket Park


Welcome to Donald Whelden Conservation Area


Taking a walk around Donald Whelden

The Donald Whelden Preserve is a small, flat, wooded parcel that runs from Davisville Road to Green Pond in East Falmouth. Although it is only 11 acres, the preserve seems much larger because of the meandering paths and thick trees that shut out the sounds of traffic. This property has a variety of native and introduced species and even provides visitors with views of Green Pond.


Join hosts Johanna, Tilu, and Evelyn as they share about the special plants found at this property. 

A Guided Tour of Donald Whelden Conservation Area


Welcome to Florence Sylvia Woodlands


Taking a walk around Florence Sylvia Woodland

In Spring 2020, The 300 Committee closed on the purchase of 9.3 acres in North Falmouth, off Millstone Street (off Old Main Road Extension). Mostly wooded, the parcel has a trail running through it, and as protected land it will continue to provide valuable wildlife habitat. The acquisition benefits an area of Falmouth where there is surprisingly little permanently preserved open space. Parking and signage facilitate public access.


Join hosts Johanna, Zyzy, Tilu and Evelyn as they lead us through the property. 

A Guided Tour of Florence Sylvia Woodland