Alphabetical List of Conservation Lands

Conservation and Recreation Land in the Town of Falmouth.

Alphabetical List of Conservation Lands

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Allietta Field

Andrews Farm & Andrews Grove

Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary [Trail Map]

Augusta Parcel


Baptiste Lane Parcel

Barque Drive Parks

Barrett Parcel

Bartolomei Conservation Area [Trail Map]

Bay Road

Beebe Woods [Trail Map]

Bell Tower Field

Bella Shephard Reserve

Belmar Salt Marsh

Bigelow Marine Park at Falmouth Inner Harbor

Blackwatch Parcels

Bourne Farm [Trail Map]

Boy Scout Parcels on Deer Pond

Braeburn Farms

Breivogel Ponds


Cape Cod Beagle Club

Cardoza Farm [Trail Map]

Carter Reservation

Chapoquoit Marsh

Childs River Estuary


Collins Woodlot [Trail Map]

Conboy Parcel

Coonamessett Greenway Heritage Trail

Coonamessett Reservation

Coonamessett River— Estuary Frontage [Trail Map]

Coonamessett River— Headwaters [Trail Map]

Coonamessett River—Middle and Lower Bogs

Coonamessett River—Upper Bogs

Crane Wildlife Management Area [Trail Map Eastern portion] [Trail Map Western portion]

Crooked Pond Well Site

Cumloden Cedar Swamp


Deep Pond Town Landing

Donald Whelden Preserve [Trail Map]

Dorothea Allen Parcel [Trail Map]

Dupee Ballfields

Dupee Parcel


East Falmouth Elementary School

Eaton Preserve

Emerald House

Ernest Souza Parcel


Falmouth Baseball and Skate Park

Falmouth Country Club

Falmouth Dog Park

Falmouth Heights Central Park and Waterfront Park

Falmouth High School

Falmouth Rod & Gun Club

Falmouth School Administration Building

Falmouth Woods Road Parcel

Farley Bog

Flax Pond Bog

Flume Pond (aka Peterson Parcel) [Trail Map]

Fonseca Parcel

Freeman Property

Fresh Pond Well Site

Fresh Pond Well Site, Clarke Parcel


Galleon Drive Parcel

George Souza Preserve

Goodwill Park [Trail Map]

Great Pond Frontage

Great Sippewissett Marsh and Black Beach

Green Parcel

Grinnell / Calebs Pond Parcel

Gus Canty Recreation Center and Guv Fuller Field


Haddad Beachfront

Hamblin Point Parcel

Hanson-Powell Parcel [Trail Map]

Hayway Road Parcel [Trail Map]

Head of Little Pond

Herring River Marsh

Hospital Lights Pocket Park


Ice House (Miles) Pond Frontage


Kealey Conservation Area

Kelly Woodland and Wildlife Corridor

Kettle Holes Area [Trail Map]

The Knob


Latimer Parcel

Lawrence School

Leonard Fonseca Park

Library Lawn and Peg Noonan Park

Little Island

Little Pond Conservation Area

Little Sippewissett Marsh

Long Pond/Falmouth Town Forest [Trail Map]

Long Pond Watershed—Brick Kiln North


Manton's Marsh

Mares Pond and Spectacle Pond Reservation [Trail Map]

Margaret Doutt Preserve [Trail Map]

Marina Park

Mars Parcel


Martineau Woods

Matthew Souza Conservation Area

McGonigle Parcel

Megansett Park

Mock Moraine Trails [Trail Map]

Moonakis/Quashnet River [Trail Map]

Moraine Trail—Northern Section [Moraine Trail Reroute]

Moraine Trail—Central Section (Kettle Holes Area) [Moraine Trail Reroute]

Moraine Trail—Central Section (Collins Woodlot)

Moraine Trail—Southern Section (Long Pond)

Morse Pond and Nyes Pond

Morse Pond School

Mullen-Hall Elementary School


Nobska Lighthouse

Nobska Road Parcel

North Falmouth Elementary School

Nye Park


Oyster Pond Headwaters


Peterson Farm [Trail Map]

Pondview—Pastor Conservation Land

Punch Bowl Parcel


Quaker Marsh

Quashnet River [Trail Map]

Quashnet Way Parcels


Rapoza Parcel

River Bend Conservation Area [Trail Map]

Rodriques Bogs

Roskovics Parcel [Trail Map]


Salt Pond [Trail Map]

Sandwich Road, Off

Sandwich Road Preserve

Sea Farms Marsh [Trail Map]

School Administration Building

Shallow Pond Woodlands

Shining Sea Bikeway

Shivericks Pond Pathway

Spohr Gardens

Surf Drive—Krock Parcel

Swift and Chute Preserve

Swift Park


Teaticket Elementary School

Teaticket Park

Toner Parcel

Tony Andrews Farm

Town Hall Square and Ellis Lewis Park

Trotting Park Fields

Turtle Pond Fields

Two Ponds Conservation Area


Wald & Fender Parcel

Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (WBNERR)

Washburn Island

Webster Woods

Wheeler Forest

Wildlife Corridor

Wing Pond Woods [Trail Map]


Zinn Park