Morse Pond and Nyes Pond

About Morse Pond and Nyes Pond

Morse Pond, a 17-acre pond between Dillingham Avenue and Jones Road, is surrounded by town land. The Morse Pond School, on 20.9 acres, links to 12.5 acres of conservation land. Six acres along Dillingham Avenue were purchased from the Newton family in the first omnibus open space package brought to Town Meeting by The 300 Committee in 1986. The other parcels, including pondfront land behind Amvets Avenue and former bog land on the northeast side of the pond, were acquired earlier. The John DeMello Senior Center sits on the east shore of the pond; the new Senior Center in 2019 is under construction just across the road adjacent to the Gus Canty Recreation Center.

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Nearby Nyes Pond, which is on the south side of Dillingham Avenue, has four acres of conservation land. This was also part of the omnibus land package in 1986. The property was part of the Fay estate. Joseph Story Fay was the first summer resident of Falmouth.

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As Falmouth’s upper elementary school (grades 5 and 6), Morse Pond School has plenty of recreation options, including two baseball fields, two playing fields, a basketball court and playground equipment. The school is on Jones Road; the senior center is on Dillingham Avenue. A trail along the east side of the pond connects from Dillingham Ave. to the back of the school property.