Toner Parcel

About the Toner Parcel

Property Address: between 154 & 178 Hatchville Road

The 300 Committee contributed to the town’s long-standing efforts to protect Coonamessett Pond and the Coonamessett River by purchasing 6.6 acres on Hatchville Road from the Toner family in 2002.

The property links to large tracts of conservation land both to the north and to the south. Across Hatchville Road are the Matt Souza Conservation Area and Dupee parcels, both of which have frontage on Coonamessett Pond.

To the south lie the town-owned cranberry bogs along the Coonamessett River and the George Souza Preserve, which the town bought in late 2006 with Community Preservation Act funds and a significant contribution from The 300 Committee.

Parking and access are available at the entrance to the Matt Souza parcel or, on the south side of Hatchville Road, the dirt road leading to the Air Force’s plume treatment facility and to the cranberry bogs.

Because the terrain ranges from cranberry bog to woodland to grasslands, a tremendous diversity of native plants thrive in the area along with a wide variety of birds drawn to these habitats.