Wald-Fender Parcel

About Wald-Fender Parcel

Land Bank funds and the state Self-Help program enabled the town to purchase 51.3 acres of a former gravel pit on Thomas B. Landers Road in 2000. The previous owners, David Wald and William Fender, had plans to develop the property.

The parcel is wedged into the triangle formed by Thomas B. Landers and Sam Turner roads, not far from a cranberry bog along the Coonamessett River.

The former mining operations are reflected in the regenerating pitch pine and open sandy areas that now support a variety of grasses and wildflowers. There is a mature white pine forest on the east end of the parcel; a short trail winds through the woods.

On the southwest end is a vernal pool. Visitors who stop by at sundown in late spring or early summer will likely hear a chorus of spring peepers. Lucky visitors might also hear the call of a barred owl known to visit the area.

While most of the property is protected by a conservation restriction, the town put six acres abutting Thomas B. Landers Road under selectmen’s jurisdiction. The deed states the six acres can be used for recreation. Ballfields, for example, could be built there.

There is a small parking area on Thomas Landers across from the entrance to a private gravel operation.