Shallow Pond Woodlands

About Shallow Pond Woodlands

The 300 Committee closed on the $1.4-million acquisition of Shallow Pond Woodlands on March 31, 2017. With wonderful, generous support from a handful of key donors, the fund raising for this land acquisition was very successful. Assisting this effort was a significant contribution for open space mitigation from Falmouth Woods Golf (FWG), LLC, which resulted from their Cape Club redevelopment project. The Shallow Pond Woodlands, located south of Thomas Landers Road, is the largest undisturbed parcel left in Falmouth. Its 70 acres connect to both the 68-acre Breivogel Ponds Conservation Area to the west and the 46-acre Wald & Fender property to the north to create a 183-acre linked expanse of open space. This acquisition forever preserves significant upland, wetland and wildlife habitat, frontage along Shallow Pond, and magnificent stands of tall white pines.

Public access improvements, including parking and trails, will be coming soon to this new conservation area.