Bella Jean Shephard Reserve (Grannie’s Place)

About Bella Jean Shephard Reserve (Grannie’s Place)

Property Address: 368 Central Ave., East Falmouth

The Bella Shephard Reserve is a 1.29 acre conservation parcel on Eel Pond. In 2008, B. Jean Thomas, an ardent supporter of land preservation and former Conservation Commissioner in Mashpee, sold this vacant waterfront lot to The 300 Committee to ensure that the land she loved would never be developed and would remain protected long after she was gone. Jean also donated a conservation restriction on the adjacent property where she lived for many years in a small cottage. While Jean's house has been completely rebuilt, the CR ensured that the footprint remained the same. The conservation parcel has a short trail that leads to a wide expanse of marsh, providing a sweeping view across the pond. In December 2013, a group of friends gathered to walk the trail and remember Jean Thomas and her mother Bella Shephard. Both had a special bond with this beautiful land and a bench overlooking the water was dedicated in their memory.