Long Pond Watershed—Brick Kiln Road North

About Long Pond Watershed—Brick Kiln Road North

By gift and purchase that started in 1900, the town has amassed 105 acres of little-known conservation land north of Brick Kiln Road, stretching between Fire Tower Road and the land surrounding Falmouth High School.

The properties include large parcels given to the town in 1974 and 1976, nearly 20 acres acquired in 1989 by a developer who needed to set aside open space as a condition of his subdivision north of this land, and two narrow parcels totaling 16.6 acres purchased with Land Bank funds in 2000.

Two parcels owned by The 300 Committee are embedded in this town conservation land. Seth Harvey donated 10.2 acres in 1989, when the land trust was still young. In 2007, he sold his abutting 7.5 acres at a bargain sale, below the appraised value.

Keeping these lands undeveloped is key to helping protect the Long Pond watershed.

A lovely east-west trail winds through this property, between a cart path that runs behind Falmouth High School and Fire Tower Road, which is a private road. Near the northern end of Fire Tower Road, there are three trails that lead into Collins Woodlot to the west.