Nobska Lighthouse

About Nobska Lighthouse

The first Nobska Light was built in 1828, as a simple Cape Cod style house with an octagonal lantern room on the roof. This was replaced in 1876 with a 40-foot cast-iron tower. Although the Coast Guard was to take over lighthouse operations in all of New England as of 1939, civilian keepers remained at Nobska until 1972.

Nobska Light today serves as the home for the commander of U.S. Coast Guard Group Woods Hole. The Woods Hole Group serves the mainland and islands from Plymouth, Massachusetts to the Rhode Island- Connecticut border. An automated white light flashes steadily every six seconds as a red section appears on the eastern side to warn mariners about the dangerous areas known as the Hedge Fence and the L’Hommedieu Shoals south of the Cape. Public tours of the lighthouse, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, are offered occasionally by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 11-02. Schedules can be found at

Across the road from the lighthouse is a small grassy area that offers spectacular views of Vineyard Sound. For the adventurous climber, paths lead down the embankment to the jetties below, a popular spot for fishing. It was from this point that the Wampanoag embarked on canoe for the islands.

Nobska Point is on Nobska Road, reached by Church Street from Woods Hole Road or from Oyster Pond Road along the shore. Limited parking is available.

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