Kettle Holes Area

About the Kettle Holes Area (Moraine Trail-Central Section)

Rugged moraine and glacial kettle holes are the hallmarks of this section of the Northern Moraine Trail that lies between Thomas B. Landers and Blacksmith Shop Roads.

The primary (blazed) trail is routed to the south and east of the town wastewater management facility, however numerous side trails have been created and are used by hikers and mountain bikers. Follow the white blazes to stay on the Moraine Trail!

Parking for northbound hikers is available on the grassy road edges just north of where the Service Road intersects with Blacksmith Shop Road. The trailhead is just east along Blacksmith Shop Road; look for a boulder with a white blaze on your left, where the trail enters the woods. For southbound hiking, park along the shoulder of Research Road near the water tower in Falmouth Technology Park (off Thomas Landers Road). To locate the trailhead, look for white blazes on the sidewalk.

Maps of the entire Moraine Trail are available at The 300 Committee office.